About Us

Tag Technologies is the IT wing of Aravind Ceramics, South India’s largest Tiles manufacturer. We celebrated our Silver Jubilee a year back, and are poised to grow further. Our team consists of handpicked professionals, who are passionate with what they do. Developing visually stunning websites isn’t just our work, it’s our passion.

We’re website design-centric. When it comes to web applications, we’re equally agile and have diverse track record. Our philosophy is simple and effective: we understand code and data. We work hand in hand with business leaders to determine the best custom software solutions to fit their needs. We believe a collaborative approach to creating custom solutions and help partners articulate their vision.

We build lasting relationships with our clients which drive us to produce high-quality solutions that are flexible to change. We take deadlines and milestones seriously and deliver impactful solutions on time and on budget. Because of this only, we’re able to travel with our customers for years together.

Our Motto

To us doing IT is passion

Our Vision

To provide Innovative IT Solutions and IT related Services with a global vision for business enterprises in a developing competitive environment.

Our Mission

To deliver cost effective, quality-centric and scalable solutions thus helping our clients and partners outstanding business results and generate great returns. We provide effective and affordable services. We ensure that each development project is treated as an individual project.

What we value

  • Quality in everything we do
  • Direct and reliable communication
  • Superior customer service
  • Hiring and training competent IT Professionals

Business Goals

  • To design, develop, implement and maintain web sites and web based systems for private and public sector enterprises
  • To offer consultancy services for private and public sector enterprises relevant to IT and the Business Sector
  • To contribute to the development of the country by providing IT solutions, services, training and maintenance at very competitive prices, to small, medium and large scale business enterprises
  • To utilize the assistance offered by government to promote the IT Industry in India, and spearhead IT sector development in line with the aspirations of the Government of India
  • Be an agent for reputed international software and hardware vendors and provide Best Level support for IT related promotional issues
  • To design, develop, consult on and implement advertising campaigns and business promotions for all Indians and foreign business ventures

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Phone: +1 310-256-2598
Mobile: (+91) 984 120 0811
Email: habib@tagtechltd.com / vasutag@gmail.com
Website: www.tagtechltd.com