Astoria Sound Works

Astoria Sound Works



Astoria Sound Works have been providing New York area musicians with a place to rehearse for 19 years. Then they thought about automating their Rooms reservation system with an Online web application. And since they have 2 decades of experience in the business, they thoroughly know the features expected by a user, and more so even, they wanted to introduce never-before-used features afresh to their Booking system.

The Challenges


Three types of Pricing system
They had a unique system of pricing, by which they will charge user based on the peak-hour demand. By this, there will be 3 different types of hourly rate for every room. They also want this rate system to automatically change based on the selected time.

Admin Dashboard
ASW team wanted one-of-a-kind dashboard, which would give them rare insights into their business and user-base. They wanted to customise the graphs, with the ability to change the x-axis and y-axis values.

Reward Points and Cancellation Policy
Users need to get reward points based on their reservation. But the catch here, is that the reward points to dollar conversion isn’t 1:1. So we need to create a conversion formula for encashing the reward points. When it comes to cancellation, the percentage of refund depends on the hours left for the booked time. So, we need to dynamically credit the reward points based on the time left for the check-in.

The Solution

Automated 3-Tier Pricing linked with Central Pacific Time zone
Since all the users are from the same time zone, our team first linked the time of our Booking system with the Internet time of Central pacific time zone. Then created a 3-Tier pricing, which was set to change in accordance with the Internet time. Along with that, we also linked it with the Calendar to differentiate weekend pricing.

Channelizing encasement of Reward points
We filtered the multiple ways of getting reward points, and made it uniform in terms of value. From a user’s perspective, it would still show differentiated value for reward points. But on the back-end, we streamlined it, making it easier for admins to calculate and grant points. For encashment, we made it a unified way to receive.

Modular Admin functions
Since the possible functions of the super admin was of wide scope, we even made the dashboard modular, where he could customize the type of reports as per his wish. This gave the ASW team the much-needed insights, which they had planned to get through a business analyst. But our system did it for them.


The Result

“Happy ASW team”, if we had to say it shortly. The Booking system, which we implemented at their server was more than a booking system. It had a tint of HRMS, by adding the ability of viewing reports of ASW team members’ time spent on managing reservations. It generated analytical reports, which led to summaries that helps business plans of ASW team.