Wireframe Design

Tag Tech makes a wire-frame design according to the specifications of the application being developed is a creative process. Because it is through the wire-frame the look and feel of the screens and the size and position of the controls and other elements are determined.

Wire-frames can be considered as visualising tools. They are scribbled sketches that help transform an imagined idea into a concrete reality. In a sense, they are developed forms of sketches.

Wire-frames are very commonly used in web design and software application development.

We take it as a design document for the entire development team. Wire-frame is a road map for the development. Formation of it sets off practical discussions and debates between the members of the team and clients. Wire-frames help to recognize problems in navigation flow and usability problems of application.

What is the difference between Wireframe and Prototype?

Prototypes are more developed and a little bit functional forms of wire-frames. A prototype gives an idea of the appearance of the application and how it works. Tag Tech dose this visualisation to make the develop and implement projects in accordance with business requirements.